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Technology-​Forward ​Partnerships ​for Diverse ​Success.

Fostering Collaboration at Every Turn.

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Turning Complexities ​into Opportunities.

Ironclad and Sterling Group ​specializes in providing a ​comprehensive range of ​solutions tailored for government ​and corporate supplier diversity. ​As a trusted reseller of ​technology equipment and ​services as well as a provider of ​essential office products, we ​deliver reliable solutions to meet ​the evolving needs of our clients.

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Services We Provide

Tech & Talent: Unlock innovative solutions and build your team with top minority professionals.

Technology ​Solutions ​and Office ​Essentials

Minority ​Professional ​Staffing

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Optimize Your Operations ​with Tailored Technology ​Solutions

We provide your organization with a comprehensive range of essential hardware and software ​solutions tailored to enhance efficiency and productivity. From robust desktops and reliable ​networking equipment to powerful business applications and secure cloud services, our ​offerings cater to diverse business needs. Partnering with leading brands ensures we deliver ​quality and innovation, empowering your operations to thrive in today's dynamic business ​landscape.

Essential Hardware

  • Desktops & Workstations
  • Laptops & Tablets
  • Monitors & Projectors
  • Networking Equipment
  • Storage Solutions
  • Printers & Accessories

Software Solutions

  • AI
  • Automation
  • Business Applications
  • Cloud Services
  • Communication ​Software
  • Graphics & Design Tools
  • Security Solutions
  • System Utilities

Office Essentials and ​Productivity Solutions

Enhance workplace efficiency ​with our comprehensive ​range of office essentials and ​productivity solutions.

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empowering ​diversity in ​technical ​staffing​

Transform your workforce with premier diversity ​staffing solutions. Our vetted and certified ​professionals excel in filling vital government and ​corporate roles, while top-tier senior consultants ​ensure excellence for short-term projects, fostering ​inclusivity and success.

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